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You have received a letter or a phone call notifying you that you or your business is going to be subjected to an audit by the Federal Board of Revenue. Quite often a tax problem snowballs from the fact that a taxpayer does not provide the specific information sought by the FBR Auditor and reassessments are issued on incomplete or incorrect factual assumptions. If you are presently going through a FBR Audit or an audit is about to begin, you may want to think about calling a tax lawyer sooner rather than later. It is often easier to address an issue with the FBR before a minor tax issue grows into a much a larger tax problem. Please do not hesitate to contact us for your free consultation today.

Objections to Notices of Reassessment :

  • A brown envelope hits your mailbox.  You have just received a Notice of Reassessment from the Federal Board Of Revenue (FBR) informing you that you now have a large tax bill.  You do not agree with the FBR’s basis for issuing the Notice of Reassessment and would like to appeal.  What do you do next?

    You have 90 days from the date of the Notice of Reassessment to prepare and file a Notice of Objection; though it may be possible to extend the time for filing a Notice of Objection by another 12 months.

    We have considerable expertise in preparing Notices of Objection, dealing with FBR Appeals Officers, and successfully resolving tax disputes.

    Do not delay. Call us today to discuss how we can help you with your Notice of Objection before it is too late.


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