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Copyright refers to the owner's exclusive, time-limited right to use a particular piece of creative work, such as music, sound recordings, or moving images. For a specific amount of time, it allows the author to generate copies of their work. To prevent the owner's work from being copied, Chartered Associates offers copyright registration in Pakistan in accordance with copyright law as well as a variety of other services. In the event of a dispute, it provides the owner with evidence of his labour. We prevent people from using your original writings, music, software, etc. We give you the top-quality services you deserve. Our tax consultants are professionals with expertise in providing legal and tax advice. We provide tax advice to clients on both personal and company income tax returns. We will assist you in resolving various financial concerns, such as trust, domain, and retirement fees. Additionally, we inform our clients of any modifications to the tax legislation of the federal and state governments.

Our Copyright Registration Service Includes

we handle all aspects of copyright law. We cover the broad range of work of an individual by copyright law which includes the following:

    • Software programs, as well as writings. Novels, poems, memoirs, articles, conferences, brochures, posters, manuals, and indexes are only a few examples.
    • Music of different modified forms with copyrightable content.
    • Movies production is related to modern dance and play.
    • Fine art compromising illustrations, monuments work, sketches, pictures, schematic and construction designs are all part of this type of artwork.
    • Films and different types of sound recording work.

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