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Every business requires strong support in tax appeals, and litigation is essential for maintaining the brand and reputation. In order to provide you the finest, our organisation is here. We look into the reasons for the differences in appraisal, enable organisations to have conversations about potential outcomes, assist with the crucial frameworks needed to proceed with charge requests and indictments, and organise an appeal on the best way to inform everyone of the assessment notice. We give you the top-quality services you deserve. Our tax consultants are professionals with expertise in providing legal and tax advice. We provide tax advice to clients on both personal and company income tax returns. We will assist you in resolving various financial concerns, such as trust, domain, and retirement fees. Additionally, we inform our clients of any modifications to the tax legislation of the federal and state governments.

The FBR has denied your Notice of Objection and has confirmed the validity of its Notice of Reassessment. What do you do next?

Though you may not have been able to convince the FBR Appeals Division on the merits of your objection, you may have better success in convincing the specialized tax lawyers at the Department of Justice and the Tax Court of Pakistan if you file a Notice of Appeal with the assistance of FirsTax Consultants.

The Tax Court of Pakistan is specialized court dedicated to hearing appeals on matters relating to the Income Tax Act, Sales Tax Act and the Excise Tax Act, amongst other legislation.  FirsTax Consultants have considerable experience in solving tax disputes at the Tax Court level.  His litigation practice is exclusively focused on Tax Court of Pakistan appeals, Federal Court judicial review applications, and tax appeals to the Federal Court of Appeal.

Our Tax Appeals & Litigation Service Includes

We offer the services which are best for your case some of the points are followed,

  • Assist with separating confirmation of the best method for managing to be used for the situation cycle and drafting the interest for you considering the best and most critical disputes for the challenged circumstance;
  • Support if doing the most legitimate philosophy that presents the most grounded charge, legal and valuable disputes to be used in drafting an appeal.
  • Ace depiction before the Tax Authorities.

Stages Which Come In Litigation Lawyer Work Phase

  • Examination primer thought of the issues
  • Pleadings
  • Disclosure
  • Intercession
  • Preliminary
  • Request

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