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Words, logos, images, and signs can all be combined into a trademark. You can distinguish your company's image from that of any other person engaged in a comparable business venture by using it. A trademark application is a legitimate right that a person has to stop someone from unfairly exploiting his or her reputation. By making use of his physical attributes, this is accomplished. A trade mark is used to stop unauthorised third parties from using the brand name and emblem. One of the elements of the protected innovation is the trademark. Registered trademarks can normally be revived without restrictions in Pakistan and are valid for a long period. We give you the top-quality services you deserve. Our tax consultants are professionals with expertise in providing legal and tax advice. We provide tax advice to clients on both personal and company income tax returns. We will assist you in resolving various financial concerns, such as trust, domain, and retirement fees. Additionally, we inform our clients of any modifications to the tax legislation of the federal and state governments.

Who Can Apply For A Trademark In Pakistan?

The ipos trademark registration Act 2012 read with winning standards and guidelines permit that the following people and organizations can make a trademark enrollment application:

  • Person
  • Association Firm
  • Organization Limited Liability Partnership, Private and Public Limited Company, Non-Profit Organization (NGO, Trust, Welfare Society, Foundation

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